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Your ability to save provides the foundation upon which your wealth and financial independence is built.  

There is no single right way to manage our money. We're all different. You need to find the money management system that suits who you are.

Cash Flow Mastery presents you with 6 money management strategies, and an easy to use self-assessment tool to help you find the one most likely to work for you.  

Get your cash flow sorted out >> build wealth.

That's what Cash Flow Mastery can deliver for you. 

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"I appreciate your thoughtfulness in making this affordable for everyone. But to be honest, I'd happily pay $200 for this course and so far I've only watched the first module"

A Whiteford

During This Course You'll Learn:

Money Management fundamentals to provide a solid foundation for your future success

6 different Cash Flow strategies to help you maximise your savings and enable the acumulation of wealth

An easy to use Self Assessment tool to guide you towards the Cash Flow strategy most likely to deliver you success

As seen in Financial Autonomy - The money book that gives you choice

Cash Flow Mastery covers in greater detail the money management strategies explored in the Financial Autonomy book.

  • Video explanations of each strategy to help you understand how you can apply them to your life.
  • Common money challenges and how to overcome them
  • The foundation of successful cash flow management

What is Cash Flow?

Cash Flow is how your money comes in, and how it goes back out. Cash Flow management incorporates budgeting, but sometimes budgeting stops at expenses, whereas Cash Flow management looks at income too.

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Course Content

14 video lessons of 5-10 minutes each covering:

  • Introduction - how the Cash Flow Mastery course works  
  • Foundations - Spending, Debt, Self Employment and more
  • Self Assessment Tool - find the cash flow strategy most like to help you
  • Strategies - 6 different money management strategies explained in short videos
  • Cash Flow challenges - what to look out for and how to overcome them
  • What next? Time to start investing and building wealth.

"I really enjoyed the Cash Flow Mastery Course particularly including the decision making tool to help choose what might be useful for individuals based on their behaviours. It is excellent because sometimes the pathway to be able to do all this amazing investing is unclear and people might just think they can’t afford it. 

I thought the course was really good and definitely a missing link in what a lot of others provide."

D Wykes