Shift from just thinking about starting a Side Hustle, to doing it!

Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition

Will empower you to:

  • Break through the procrastination barrier
  • Develop a plan to launch your Side Hustle
  • Finally bring your great idea to life

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

Perhaps you've had an idea for a side business for a while but haven't known how to move it forward and bring it to life.

Or maybe you've always had an entrepreneurial inkling, but just haven't settled on that one great idea to unleash on the world.

Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition contains only the need-to-know keys to turn your ambition into a functioning side hustle.

What we've built

In early 2020 we launched our Entrepreneur You - transition to Self-Employment without going broke program. This is a comprehensive program for those looking to make the leap from employee to self-employment that includes online learning and one on one coaching.

We've had feedback from some in the Financial Autonomy community that whilst this program holds some appeal, they don't actually want to leave their day job. What they're interested in is starting a side business, a second income. Maybe one day it becomes their full-time job, but just as likely, it's always just a side interest.

We also heard that given this aim, the cost of the full program was a stretch.

What became clear to us was that the full Entrepreneur You program wasn't hitting the mark for a significant portion of our community.

And so we set about creating something that specifically addresses the needs of the Side Hustler. We had two key requirements:

  • It provides everything you needed to begin a Side Hustle, but nothing more. All killer and no filler.
  • It was at a price point that made it easily affordable for those planning a Side Hustle.

With these key requirements in mind, Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition was born.

We've re-purposed the full program, removing some modules entirely. For other modules, we've re-edited the original content to remove unnecessary elements. For two of the modules, we re-recorded them entirely.

To ensure you get the help and support you need we've established a private Facebook group so you can ask any questions you've got, and see issues other people are facing.

And we changed the Workbook (where you build out your Side Hustle plan) so it aligned with the revised content.

What you have now in Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition is a complete toolkit to launch your Side Hustle adventure.

And because we weren't starting completely from scratch, we were able to achieve our second objective of offering Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition at a super affordable price, only $197 (the full Entrepreneur You program starts at $1,500), so anyone planning on starting a Side Hustle could easily afford it.

I'm really proud of what we've created. I think it will help a huge amount of people finally give their Side Hustle idea a go. I hope you're one of them.

Paul Benson

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What you get from

Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition

1) Video tutorials covering the essential steps you need to bring your Side Hustle to life

2) A workbook to build your customised Side Hustle strategy

3) Examples, case studies, and interviews, to support your learning

4) Access to a private Facebook group specifically for Entreprenreneur You - Side Hustle Edition participants - obtain feedback and support from Paul and others with the same interest and goal as you

Course price:

Once only $197

(An 87% discount on the standard Entrepreneur You program)

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What you will learn in

Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition

  • Getting started - Often the hardest part is starting. We breakdown the Side Hustle creation process so you can begin with small bite-sized pieces and build at your own pace.
  • How to find your ideal Side Hustle - Love the idea of a Side Hustle but haven't yet found your perfect idea? We share how you can discover a Side Hustle to suit you.
  • Minimise the downside - No one likes to wave money goodbye. Learn about idea validation, the Lean Start-Up methodology, and why pivots can be the key to success.

PLUS support via the private Facebook group - ask your questions in a supportive and confidential environment.

Paul's Side Hustle course is an excellent resource for those starting out with their new business idea. Paul's personable approach makes the daunting task "of starting a business" not as scary as he breaks things down into bite-size chunks. This course will give you the tools necessary to get the ball rolling and take action on your idea. Highly recommended 

Michael Hingston

Who this is for

Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition could help you with any of these goals:

  • You're wanting to earn some extra money to pay for an annual holiday
  • You've got an entrepreneurial itch that needs scratching
  • You want to try and build something that could one-day enable you to leave your current job
  • You're looking to get the mortgage paid off faster
  • You've got a great idea for a business and need help getting it started
  • You've always wanted to start a business but have lacked the support to get started

And importantly this course assumes no prior experience starting or running a business.

Great training course, I ended up with a practical business plan, a marketing plan, and just had to take actions. I also learned some concepts that were new to me as a first-time self entrepreneur. 

Thank you for putting this together to get the first step to a business start-up done.

Isabelle Lenglois


Here's some of the most common questions that we get from prospective participants:

Q: How much time will it take me to finish the program?

This is a self-directed course so you decide how long you will take. We suggest you aim to complete the course over 2-4 weeks.

Q: How is the course delivered? 

There are 5 modules and an introduction. Each module has a key video presentation. Longer videos have been broken up so that videos typically only run to around 15 minutes each. You have a companion Workbook that you will download at the beginning of the course and work through as you complete the course. This will form your Side Hustle strategy.

Within each module there are various examples, case studies, and interviews to help deepen your understanding.

And you will have access to a private Facebook group so you can ask any questions that you have in a supportive environment.

Q: What if my Side Hustle doesn't work? 

Not all business ideas succeed, indeed many do not. A key benefit of a Side Hustle is that it's a low risk way to try out an entrepreneurial idea. Through the Entrepreneur You - Side Hustle Edition course we help you develop your Side Hustle plan to maximise your likelihood of success with business planning, marketing, experiments, understanding of key financial controller functions, getting your pricing right, and plenty more.

Of course, we cannot guarantee your success. But we can guarantee that your chances of success are vastly greater by following the playbook provided in this program.