Financial Autonomy Mastermind Group

Thanks for your interest in participating in our Mastermind Group. Effective Mastermind Groups have been proven the world over to be an enormously powerful way for entrepreneurs and business owners to make progress. And with so many people starting businesses by themselves, and often from home, the need for a supportive group of fellow hustlers to bounce ideas off has never been stronger.

There are all sorts of formats and target audiences, so here's the key details to help you assess whether the Financial Autonomy Mastermind Group is the right fit for you.


  • Monthly meetings via video conference call 
  • 90 minute meeting duration
  • Meeting allocation = 15 minutes - wins amoungst group members, 3 x 25 minute hot seats where we focus on individual members in detail.
  • Ideal group number = 10, minimum is 6
  • Dedicated facilitator to ensure meeting runs to schedule and members stay on topic.
  • Private Facebook group for discussions between members in-between meetings.

Who's it for?

You are running a small business, be that a side hustle or your primary source of income, but it's tough all on your own. You need some support. You're looking for some like minded people to bounce ideas off, get some fresh perspective, talk about challenges you are facing, and just be part of a tight knit entrepreneurial community.

Investment required?

  • 90 minutes of your time per month.
  • $77 dollars per month (AUD).
  • Passion and energy - both for your business, and also in the support of other group members.

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